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I am Richard Tirta Widjaja, a Web Developer with over 8 years experience with focus in marketing & sales industry. My works have touched and influenced almost everyone on earth 😈.


Last Updated: February 2021


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About Me

My passion in making creative experiences dates back to my high school times. Back then I was maintaining and directing my love towards art into variety of medias whether in non-profit organizations or freelances. I have been proud to be able to help entrepreneurs and local businesses to reach their customers and clientele therefore improving their business significantly.

My professional career in San Francisco starts as a design intern in a marketing agency Btrax and San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Right after I graduated from Academy of Art I got recruited right away with AKQA where I'm proud to be a part in many fun, high profile and award winning projects. After several freelance projects, I worked on an eCommerce project with Charlotte Russe. My latest project was with Facebook Small Business Group which I was blessed with many great projects that helps Small Business around the world.

As a Web Developer, I love creating online experiences where latest innovation meets creativity to solve problems. I consider myself as a resourceful and knowledgeable entrepreneur, analyst, developer and designer who always hungry with latest innovations while paying homage to traditional solutions.

How Can I Help You?

Just talk to me and I will be happy to help you for any inquiries :)

Tools: JS ES5-6, React, Redux, jQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS, SASS, APIs, PHP/ Hack Language, SQL, D3, Node/ Yarn, Grunt/ Gulp/ Webpack/ Parcel, Salesforce Commerce Cloud/ Demandware, WordPress, GIT/SVN, Adobe CC/ Figma/ Sketch.

Concept: Responsive & Adaptive Design, i18n, l10n, p13n, Regionalization/ Transcreation, WCAG Compliance, Browser Quirks (IEs, Touch Devices), Agile Development, Audience Targeting, Social Media Strategies, Performance Improvement, A/B Testing, Analytics, SEO, Typography, UI/ UX Best Practices.

How to reach me.

Thank you for checking, I'm currently not receiving unsolicited communication from 3rd party recruiters. If you're a hiring manager, feel free to use the contact below.

Email: rt[at]richardtirta[dot]com

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